I am the Managing Partner at the Platform Strategy Institute, and Co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit.  

This newsletter features observations and insight regarding the growing global demand for platform professionals.  We’ll look at both how platform professionals create great careers as well as how companies can more effectively recruit and grow platform leaders.  

I have been following the rise of the platform economy for over a decade.  Over this time, I’ve come to see the race for platform managerial talent intensify. This is creating significant opportunities for people with the right skill set and experience. We’ll talk about this. However, it is also creating challenges for organizations that need platform professionals. We’ll talk about this as well.

All good newsletters need focus. For this reason, I will not spend much time on freelancers, gig workers, or the “future of work” as these topics are well covered by others.  

Here’s diagram that illustrates the distinction between platform professionals and freelancers.

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Platform Professionals will cover a range of interrelated topics including, but not limited to:

· Trends: What roles exists for platform professionals.  What interesting positions are companies posting, What business schools offer the best platform  

· Insights: Connecting the dots across demand, supply and other forces at work in shaping opportunities (and risks) for platform professionals

· Data: What information is available to substantiate the trends and insights around the demand and supply of platform roles

The goal is to information and perspectives that are highly relevant to job seekers, recruiters, chief learning officers, educators and others with a keen interest in the rise of platform professionals.

Here is a recent podcast where I discuss platform talent:


Platform Talent: Jobs & Skills for the Age of Networks with Peter C. Evans

Here are some examples of my reports and articles on platforms:

Preparing the Next Generation of Platform Leaders: Staffing and Training the Inverted Firm, with Geoffrey Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne and Dyan Finkhousen, Platform Strategy Institute, Jan 2021.

Platform Talent: The New Frontier In The Platform Economy, Digital Transformation People Jan 6, 2020  

How Platform Strategies will Shape the Rise of AI-as-a-service, The Digital Transformation People, Sep 27, 2019 

The Rise of the Platform Enterprise: A Global Survey with Annabelle Gawer, The Center for Global Enterprise, Jan 14, 2016 

The Rise of Asian Platforms: A Regional Survey, The Center for Global Enterprise, Nov 21, 2016 

The Rise of African Platforms: A Regional Survey, with Olayinka David-West, Center for Global Enterprise May 5, 2016  

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